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Why Children
Need Our Centre

From Ages 2 through 18

  • Many children in Namibia migrate from the north with their guardians in search of a better life.

  • They drop out of school, or never go to begin with, because of extreme poverty, lack of basic needs, and/or no documentation.

  • Clean water where they live is from a communal tap that costs money.

  • They might share a communal toilet with dozens of people, or they use riverbeds or any place outside.

  • An average of nine people live with them in the tin house.

  • If they are lucky, they are living with an auntie, or grandmother, or uncle.¬† Some still have a mother or father who is struggling.

Check out the slideshow below to see inside the homes of some of our children.

Some of the Lives
We Have Transformed


When Karembera Petrus’s father died he was 10 years old, Karembera had to quit school to work on the family’s cattle farm.¬† He endured abuse and suffering until his mother sent for him to come to Windhoek where he joined Family of Hope Services to continue his education.¬† In 2019 Karembera finished the third year of a Bachelor degree with a double major in Library and Information Science with a minor in Sociology at the University of Namibia.¬† Read more…

Daniel Immanuel came to Family of Hope Services at the age of 14 in 2007.¬† He had never been to school and couldn’t read or write.¬† Before that he worked on his grandmother’s farm where he was regarded as the breadwinner.¬† In 2019 Daniel graduated from Tulipohamba Training & Assessment Institute with a Level 4 certificate in counseling and psychology.¬† ¬†He has applied to progress to a diploma in 2020.¬† Read more…

Select a Child to Sponsor!

Please follow our Facebook page to find children needing sponsors.

Youth Leaders

Since 2006 we have helped more than 260 children and youth get back into the formal school system.¬† Occasionally we invite some of these youth back to the Centre as role models for the children in our education programs.¬† Meet some of our leaders…

The Struggles Facing Our Children

Can You Help?