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Sponsor Rolandino for School


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Name: Rolandino
Gender: Male
Birthdate:  10 years old

Rolandino is coloured with Damara in his background.  He is being cared for by his 71-year-old Ouma (grandma) who feeds him, but Rolandino sleeps at night at his father’s okambashu.  His father lost a leg many years ago and is on a very meager disability pension.  Rolandino has three other siblings, all younger than he is.  Rolandino helps his Ouma out by cleaning her yard and fetching water.  He also must take care of the work in his father’s yard since his father is immobile.

Your sponsorship will provide the following:

  • Yearly education and basic support, school fees paid, a uniform, school books, a backpack with school supplies, and toiletries three times a year.
  • Placement in the government school system and monitoring of Rolandino’s educational progress by the Centre Administrator.
  • Health care, hospitalization fees if necessary, taxi or transportation to health clinic for Rolandino to receive treatment and collect medication should he become ill
  • The support of the volunteer FHS Care Guardian who will monitor Rolandino’s well-being within the community and through home visits.
  • Counseling, mentorship and life skill activities such as indoor games, day youth camps to build resilience, confidence, self-worth, good character, and to instill values.
  • Some children will require tutoring to reach a standard where they can enter into school. Many children start school for the first time when they are 10 years of age or older. See information on why children start school late or drop out.

In stock


More Information

Learn more about Rolandino’s grandma, and his home life: When There’s No One to Inherit the Children