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Donate Any Amount

We have many needs that are not sponsored on a regular basis.  No one working for Family of Hope Services has medical coverage.    We need to find sponsors to pay for our financial audits and bookkeeping.  Sometimes our basic salaries are not covered every month, depending on the program delivery we have underway with partners.   When we have no income, we cannot pay our own rents nor feed our own families.  View our audit to see how our donations are spent.  Any amount of money you can donate will help us immeasurably.

We are also building a new Centre and need donations to help us purchase materials and supplies.

You can identify exactly what you want your money to purchase, or you can allow us to allocate your donation according to our greatest needs.
  • All amounts are shown in South African Rand. We appreciate any help you can give. A very rough calculation is that 10 South African Rand equals approximately $1 USD; and 13 South African Rand equals approximately 1 Euro.
  • You can select any or all of the areas you would like to see your donation support. Just hold down your 'shift' key and click on the areas you want to include. Thank you.

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