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Donors Who Make a Big Difference

Individual child sponsors have transformed the lives of so many of our children.  It is impossible to list all of them here.

Below are major donors who have enabled us to build the new Centre and classrooms; feed the children every day; provide therapy to hundreds in need; grow our study and toy libraries; host a computer room; and employ our staff.

We need help with both individual child sponsors and with the other expenses that we have.  Your money goes to a good cause.  We are audited so we ensure our expenditures are completely transparent.

Ongoing Sponsorship

Imago Dei

Imago Dei has been sponsoring food at FHS for since 2009. We couldn’t do this without their good work.

They are a leader in helping organizations such as FHS to better our communities.  They serve as a link between those who need to receive and those who want to give, and mobilize funds they receive so they are applied efficiently and effectively for optimum impact.

Learn more about Imago Dei

Nelson Mandela Total Service Station

Cadet Investments T/A Nelson Mandela Total Service Station provides weekly bread for the children at the Centre.

Learn more about Cadet Investments TA Nelson Mandela Total Service Station

Life Change Centre

Life Change Centre provides past and meal every month.

Learn more about Life Change Centre Windhoek

My Creative Mind

My Creative Mind has donated our marketing needs since 2009.  This includes hosting and developing our first website in 2011 and a second website in 2019; interviewing, taking photos, designing, publishing, and printing all promotional copies of “Walk a Mile in My Shoes”, a fund-raising book with stories of some of our children and the women and men who support us at Family of Hope Services; designing, writing and printing several reports, flyers, and our Annual General Report.

Learn more about My Creative Mind

Major Donors Who
Built Our Centre and Programs

Providing a Place to Heal, Learn and Play

Our Centre provides a comfortable and safe place for children to learn, eat, play, and receive counseling.  Without the generous donations from companies, non-governmental organizations, governments, and individuals, we would not be able to offer our programs.  Thank you to everyone who has supported us through the years.

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