Oh, my goodness.  We are the recipient of some of the most wonderful gifts!  In this particular instance, the gift is a photocopier named Pandu, and he arrived on our doorstep full of vim and vigor and with lots of capacity for heavy loads.  Not only will Pandu save us a lot of money when it comes to producing information documents and forms for the guardians to complete for the children at our Centre, but he’ll be getting a lot of attention within Katutura.  In the near future he’ll be the focus of a small printer and copy shop for the local community; a service we’ll provide to save people having to walk to the ends of the earth to address the administrative needs in their lives.

Pandu is the generous gift from Gachiku Kamau, a local architect.  Gachiku, or Chiku as she is known, began searching for a home for Pandu (she names all of her machines to remind her they are gifts from God).  Through her friend Lydia Wambui, Chiku was recommended to FHS and was put in touch with our former volunteer, Cindy McLamma, who, in turn, helped Chiku reach us. THANK YOU, CINDY!!!!!  So, it took Pandu a while to find his way here… but HE MADE IT!

From the bottoms of our hearts… we’ll give him a good home and are deeply grateful.