What is the mission of Family of Hope Services (FHS)?

The mission of FHS is to restore hope, joy, and dignity and bring stability to families affected and infected by HIV/AIDS through empowerment and capacity building programs.

 What type of organization is Family of Hope Services (FHS)?

FHS is a non profit, welfare organization registered under the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare Services (WO 295).  FHS is a member of the Regional AIDS coordinating Committee (RACOC) and Namibia Network AIDS Services Organizations (NANASO).

Where is FHS located?

FHS operates in the informal settlements and squatter camps of Katutura, north of Windhoek, Namibia, Africa.

What is the main objective of FHS?

FHS aims to empower disadvantaged orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) and their caregivers by providing educational programs and teaching various income generating activities.

Do the orphans registered with FHS live at the centre?


The children we support either live with one parent, an extended family member, or a guardian.

How is FHS funded?

FHS operations are totally dependent on donations from individuals and organizations. FHS receives no funding from the government.

How many children are registered with FHS?

FHS 450 orphans and vulnerable Children (OVCs).  We will not exceed this capacity as we want to provide the best care we can for all of the children we support.

What types of programs does FHS offer?

We send 450 children to school in the government school system, support 115 of these children through tutoring and life skills development, and fast-track an additional 30 children and youth to get them back into the formal school system or to send them to school for the first time. Find out more>>

We feed over 220 children, one meal a day, six days a week.

Over 35% of the children we support need protection from violent situations.

Over 75% of the children we support need counseling to overcome trauma or to build self-worth.

At least 75% of our children will have some health care need in the course of a year.

All of our children need clothing, warm blankets, adequate shelter and proper access to personal hygiene.

We provide services to our children in a multi-purpose building that is provided to us by the Hakahana Clinic.  We need to move so we are preparing to purchase our own land so our children have security.  Find out more>>

We operate a Bicycle Empowerment Centre that generates employment and revenue for FHS.  Find out more>>

What are the financial needs of FHS?

FHS needs individual sponsors for children whose families can not afford to pay school feeds, uniform costs, and basic daily needs such as personal hygiene items.  There are also ongoing needs for food contributions to the Food Program, educational materials, school books, supplies for the garden, blankets and warm clothing for winter, and basic facility repair and maintenance.

We also are looking for corporate sponsors for our new Centre and for the school rooms and furniture.

How much does a sponsorship cost?

To sponsor a child for one year in one of two educational programs is only N$2500.  If you want to provide full support including meals, hygiene products and a holiday package it will cost N$3200.

To feed a child two meals a day, six days a week, for one year is N$1,700

Unrestricted donation needs include counseling, clothing, educational materials, blankets, hygiene packages, and general health coverage.

What are the volunteer needs of FHS?

FHS welcomes individuals wishing to either volunteer their time at the centre or volunteer in an administrative capacity including from your office or desk abroad. Volunteer opportunities include qualified teacher positions, teacher assistants, skilled teachers of music, art, crafts, etc., writers for newsfeeds, database developer, kitchen workers (cooking, serving, cleaning), seamstresses, general facility maintenance, garden helpers, and bicycle mechanics. There is a place for anyone with a willing heart wishing to volunteer.

How can I contact FHS?

By Email:  sponsorship@familyofhopeservices.org      admin@familyofhopeservices.org     abigail.director@familyofhopeservices.org         marketing@familyofhopeservices.org

By Post: Family of Hope Services, P. O. Box 25628, Windhoek, Namibia, 9000, Africa.
Telephone/FAX: 264 61 246745.