We are
Registered and Recognized

Family of Hope Services is a community based, registered charity that operates on a small budget yet accomplishes a lot with volunteers and staff working for salaries that cover only basic needs.

We are based in Katutura, a former township on the outskirts of the capital city of Windhoek, in Namibia. We provide education, psychological support, counseling, child protection, community awareness, bridging educational gaps, and nourishment for orphaned and vulnerable children and youth. The goal is to build resilience and to empower these marginalized and abused kids to break out of the cycle of poverty.

We enjoy the support of our community leaders, local school principals, many government departments, local and international businesses and NGOs.

We have independently audited financial statements

Foibe Silvanus – Programme Manager

Foibe is passionate about community development and is in her final year of completing her degree in the field. In addition to managing the day-to-day operations of FHS as well as delivering programmes on their behalf, Foibe studies for her degree, and raises a child as a single mother.  This proves just how amazing she is!  Foibe started out as a youth enrolled in FHS, then 13 years ago she became a Youth Coordinator.  She grew into the position where she now runs the centre, facilitates the programming for the youth and remedial children, coordinates the strategic planning, delivers workshops throughout the community, and prepares the organizational reports.  She does all of this for a small wage and some months even finds herself working for nothing, depending on sponsorship and bicycle sales.  Foibe loves helping kids move through challenges to gain confidence and belief in themselves. Foibe works tirelessly for FHS and is well-known and respected within the community.  In 2017 Foibe won the Birds Conservation and Tourism (BirdsConTour)’s Penguin Award for her service to the community and children.

Ana Paulo – Principal Educator

Ana Paulo has been with FHS since 2007 and hasn’t looked back since she came on board. She holds down far more than a full-time job at the Centre. She administers FHS school programs, registers students at FHS, places sponsored children in the government school system, and teaches Grades 4 through 7 subjects that include Math, Science, English, Lifeskills, Agriculture, Religious and Moral Education, and Arts and Crafts. Ana has deep reserves of passion and love for children which is borne out by her 20-year career as an educator.  Her devotion is remarkable.  She earns a small wage from the Centre and occasionally works for nothing depending on the financial status.  The children always come first by all staff at FHS.

Abigail Bachopi – Director and Co-Founder

Abigail is the visionary and exceptional leader of FHS. She studied psycho-social counseling and it was during her first voluntary role as a facilitator in 2001, for a women’s group who were dealing with HIV/AIDS, that Abigail recognized the need for FHS. It’s a result of her drive and unrelenting commitment that FHS has grown and generated real changes in the lives of marginalized children and youth in Katutura. A qualified practitioner of transformational development, Abigail involves the community in finding solutions, and enjoys extensive community support. She is the driver of all FHS programming and helped the organization realize the building of a new centre in 2013 when they had to vacate the facility they used on loan for years.  Abigail devotes her life to helping others.

Abigail recently passed the reins of management of FHS to Foibe Silvanus.  After 20 years in Namibia, Abigail is back in Botswana where she is completing her graduate degree in Theology (Ministry and Organisational Management) and managing the Sponsorship program for FHS, including the Botswana arm. All work that she does for FHS is done as a volunteer.

“I am motivated by a desire to see children grow into caring and helpful young adults. As long as I feel there is something I can contribute to the life of a child, I will not stop working. “

Abigail Bachopi, Co-Founder

Our Board
Leaders, Changers

Israel Kazembire Zemburuka – Chair

Israel Kazembire Zemburuka has been Family of Hope’s Chairperson for fourteen years. He has over fifteen years’ experience as a television journalist at the national broadcaster, NBC, and has served in various senior capacities, including Assistant Editor. In this role, he produced and moderated ‘One on One’, a highly-rated discussion program, and ‘The Week That Was’, a news analysis show. Kazembire has interviewed the country’s top newsmakers and shakers on topical issues of the day and covered national events extensively. He has reported on regional affairs, including national elections in South Africa in 1999, the signing of the Global Political Agreement in Zimbabwe, and several Southern African Development Cooperation summits. He has notably interviewed international newsmakers and possesses an in-depth knowledge of current affairs. In 2018, Kazembire was promoted to Station Manager of one of nine radio stations at the NBC. In addition to this journalistic experience, Kazembire is a sought-after moderator of panel discussions on a host of topics, bringing an inquisitive mind and an aptitude to ask the right questions at the right time.

“We focus on building confidence and skills. This really comes out in the youth leaders we have empowered who are exemplary role models for the new children entering our programmes. And to know that one of them just graduated from University and another just finished a diploma in Social Work, makes this worth every moment… I sit on the Board of Family of Hope because I know how critical it is to break the cycle of poverty, and I know that Family of Hope has the ability to do just that. ”

Israel Kazembire Zemburuka, Chair

Board Members

Reino IlhemaVice Chairperson
University of Namibia
Jeniphar Gatsi MalletCo-Founder
Programme Coordinator,
Namibian Women’s Health Network
Grace N. MundiaTreasurer
Chief Control Officer, Ministry of Health and Social Services
Abigail BachopiCo-Founder and Secretary
Managing Director
Family of Hope Services
Naty Paulo MbaiwaAdditional Member
Namibia Nature Foundation
Mthabisi MaphosaAdditional Member
Life Coach

Why People Support Us?

The children always come first. Sometimes we go without wages so they can eat and go to school.

“We raised funds for Family of Hope Services because Abigail Bachopi has wonderful foresight when it comes to helping orphans and vulnerable children through education and care.  We were so fortunate to visit and see first hand how much nurturing, care and love the children receive.  What a moving experience for us to actually serve the children a meal knowing for most this would be their only meal for the day.    This all touched our hearts so much that as a group we raised and sponsored seven precious children every year for school fees and meals.”

Jackie Reeder sponsored Daniel Immanuel until he graduated from Grade XII.  Since then Daniel completed a diploma in Social Work.

“After visiting FHS’s premises and seeing what they do for so many kids on a shoe‐string budget, we were moved and impressed. We know our investment is going to a worthy cause. When we see so many community people volunteering to cook food, clean the facility, and watch over the kids to make sure they are safe, we know the community believes in this organization as well.”

Luc De Smet, Vice-President, Laurelton Reign Diamonds, a subsidiary of Tiffany & Co.  Laurelton Reign Diamonds invested $55,000 USD towards land development for a new FHS Centre, for building class rooms between containers, and for solar panels on the roof. In additional several staff and executives sponsored individual children, the company sent huge shipments of clothes donated by their staff in New York, and the factory brought over all the left-over food from their cafeteria every day while they were still operating in Namibia.

“When I met Abigail, Foibe, and their team over eleven years ago, I was deeply moved by the vision and wisdom with which they run the centre.  They foster dignity, self confidence, and not just a band-aid of hope but real opportunity for kids to get ahead in life.  Their programmes are life-changing.  And everything is undertaken with the utmost integrity and honesty.  It is truly humbling to be in the company of people with such graciousness, big hearts, and insight.  My work with them changed me forever.”

Danette Jaeb is Principal of My Creative Mind.  Since 2009 she has donated tens of thousands worth of work for FHS including their first website and now this current one; a 100-page fund-raising book she wrote featuring women and children in Katutura; numerous print documents including Annual reports and brochures; and organized a factory ground-breaking event and a factory grand-opening for Tiffany & Co. (including writing all speeches, preparing all graphics, writing and producing a 90-page celebration book for the grand-opening), in exchange for donations to Family of Hope Services.

Prepared annually so they can enter school
Tutored after school throughout the year
Counselled Monthly
Meals Served Each Year