Hard Work and Good Values

Since 2006 we have helped more than 260 children and youth get back into the formal school system.  Occasionally we invite some of these youth back to the Centre as role models for the children in our education programs.

Rising Above One’s Struggles

The youth at our Centre have risen above tremendous struggles to graduate and take charge of their lives.  In 2006 Dr. Petie Brown volunteered at the Centre as a teacher and tutor.  She was inspired to develop our remedial program to help youth and older children who had either dropped out of school or who had never gone to school, to get into the government school system.  To this day we help these kids fast-track their education so they can enter school in age-appropriate grades.  Dr. Brown set many children on paths that transformed their lives.  We continue her good work to this day.

Petie Brown with another student, Martin Simon, from 2008/2009. Martin missed going to school for many years. He arrived at FHS without a birth certificate and without any school papers. Martin was so dedicated to his afternoon lessons at FHS that he even came to school when he was so sick that Petie Brown had to take him to the clinic. At the age of 17 he entered Grade 8. He graduated from Grade 10 and has a good job now with Adcon.

Benesia Nakale was abandoned by her family and living in Hope Village in Katutura where she received food and shelter.  She came to Family of Hope Services at the age of 16 to upgrade her education so that she could graduate from Grade 12.  After graduating Benesia went on to complete a diploma in Early Childhood Development and is now an assistant teacher at a kindergarten in Windhoek.

A girl who started many years ago as one of our students in need, Anna Kayiwa rose to become one of our youth leaders, then worked as a coordinator for us for a number of years.  On the side she practiced modeling with a photography company and went on to place second in a local beauty pageant.  She pursued a certificate in secretarial work but found it difficult to find employment.  She didn’t give up.  Instead Anna completed a course in nail manicuring and currently runs her own small business doing nails in Katutura.   Anna has incredible integrity and honesty, a fabulous positive attitude, a good work ethic, and she’s beautiful inside and outside.

Foibe Silvanus is the ultimate success story.  She started out as a youth enrolled in school through Family of Hope Services, then 12 years ago she became a Youth Coordinator for us and has since grown into the position where she runs the Centre.  Foibe is an excellent role model for our children and youth, showing first hand what hard work can achieve.  She set her sights on obtaining a degree in community development and is one year away from completing it.  Despite having a full-time job and raising a young daughter on her own, Foibe still manages to study part-time.  In the photo Foibe is shaking hands with the Honourable Martin David, Councilor for the Moses Garoeb Constituency. Standing on the left is Family of Hope Services Director, Mthabisi Maphosa.