Thank you, Peter Tuybens

Peter Tuybens, owner of BVBA Tuybens, a successful Human Resources, Coaching company based in Belgium, donated the funds to install running water and flush toilets at Family of Hope Services’ Centre.

Could you feed and care for more than 260 children every day without running water and flush toilets? Believe it or not we have managed to work without these simple necessities for more than a year. But now, thanks to Peter Tuybens who is the owner of BVBA Tuybens in Belgium, we will soon have water for our kitchen and bathrooms as well as a hook up to the city of Windhoek sewer lines in Katutura. Peter Tuybens donated N$10,000 which will enable us to pay for the majority of the costs the city will charge us for these services.

This is not the first generous donation Mr. Tuybens has made to Family of Hope Services. In 2011 he and a group of running buddies, the Duvel Joggers, donated more than N$10,000 towards sponsoring three children for education and to providing basic needs to children at the Family of Hope Services centre. We are very grateful for the thoughtfulness and kindness of these donors who make our work at Family of Hope Services possible.

BVBA Belgium is a Human Resources Consultancy firm located outside of Brussels. Peter Tuybens is a coaching expert with more than 30 years of experience in helping International and Belgium businesses to develop the capabilities of their high-potential performers as well as their top executives.

From everyone at Family of Hope Services, thank you Mr. Tuybens!!!

The kitchen at the Centre before the running water was installed. The volunteer cooks worked like this for more than a year.

Abigail Bachopi, Director of Family of Hope Services, and Peter Tuybens looking at the toilets at the Centre. There is currently one pit latrine in use but the flush toilet stalls will soon be hooked up.