Something the kids and volunteers at Family of Hope Services always need is clothing!   While the children have school uniforms which are provided by their sponsors, most of the kids have very few street clothes.  Our volunteers also make do with very little.  So needless to say, the thirteen huge boxes that arrived before Christmas, packed full of good quality clothing for children and adults of all ages, was another gift to bring further joy to our holiday season.  The kids were ecstatic and were all very good as they lined up waiting to receive outfits that would fit them.  Our volunteers were also very grateful.  For most, these are the only clothes they’ll receive for a long time.  We saw almost ALL of them wearing their new outfits when we delivered the Christmas food sacks over the holiday season.  Thank you, Ms. Siobhan Zollner for your thoughtfulness and kindness in organizing this all for us.   You gave us a much needed and valued gift.

The video shows just some of the clothes that were distributed at the Family of Hope Services Centre.  The volunteers were given their outfits as one of their Christmas presents at their party, and the baby clothes that are still remaining (many were distributed to our Care Team families) will be donated to the hospital for the orphans in the wards and for those babies who have nothing.