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We Work With Over 400 Children

Our work builds resilience and empowers marginalized and abused kids to break out of the cycle of poverty. Because of our own struggles, we know how critical it is to uplift and educate children and youth.  If we want a better world, we need to raise healthy people.

We provide trauma counseling for these children to become resilient.  We also provide education, nourishing meals and clothing.

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About Us

Who Are We?

A registered welfare organzation with the Namibian Department of Health and Social Services – W0295;

A member of the Khomas Regional Aids Coordinating Committee (RACOC);

A member of the Namibia Network of Aids Services Organization (NANASO);

The team who brought the Khomas community stakeholders together to develop a child protection protocol.  The programme was funded by the Finish Embassy.  Read more about it.

A community based charity in operation in Katutura, a former Apartheid township, for 16 years.;

We accomplish a lot with a small budget, stretching every dollar, taking humble wages, and putting our community first. Have many volunteers helping out.

We enjoy the support of our community leaders, local school principals, many government departments, local and international businesses and NGOs.;

We have independently audited financial statements.

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When I met Abigail, Foibe, and their team over eleven years ago, I was deeply moved by the vision and wisdom with which they run the centre.  They foster dignity, self confidence, and not just a band-aid of hope but real opportunity for kids to get ahead in life.  Their programmes are life-changing.  And everything is undertaken with the utmost integrity and honesty.  It is truly humbling to be in the company of people with such graciousness, big hearts, and insight.  My work with them changed me forever.

Danette Jaeb
Donor of website and marketing materials. Author of Family of Hope Services’ fundraising book, “Walk a Mile in My Shoes”

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